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Fly Higher and Higher for Your Dream.
Hanseo University spotlights the unique strategic 2A program of Aeronautics and Arts and has produced future specialists in these areas. The Division of Aeronautical Studies is composed of seven academic departments, including Aeronautical Engineering, Flight Operation, Air Transportation and Administration. The Department of Helicopter Operation was first established in our country to produce specialists on the design, maintenance and operation of helicopters. All of the Air Tourism and Service students, future flight attendants, live in English only on-campus housing. The Taean Air Field operates an after-school English program to enhance the international competitiveness.

Specialized Education in Aeronautics Taean Airfield, the first in Asian Universities
Taean Air Field, a general aviation education center, is located near Sinon-li Nam-myeon Taean-gun with an area of 495,000m2. Its runway is an F level with a length of 1.2 km and a width of 25 m. This is the first of its kind among colleges in Asian countries. It has flight facilities including the Flight Education Center, the Institute for Air Traffic Control Education, and the Aero Technical Education Center to produce aviation talents ranging from pilots to ground crews. It is equipped with 11 single-engined cessnas, a 19 person's double-engined 1999D, a 9 person's King Air, a 6 person's cessna and helicopters. It has also a simulator to heighten some efficiency of night flights.
Air Force ROTC, National Defence Elite
Hanseo University operates an Air Force ROTC to produce Air Force officers who will be in the service in the areas of flight, aircraft maintenance, air control, etc. Students with quality, both academically and physically, are eligible to apply for the program, and the selected cadets will get military training both on the campus and at the barracks.
Academy-Industry Collaboration with Airline Companies
We have formed an academy-industry collaboration agreement with Asiana Airlines, to train pilots and promote cooperation. Students from the Department of Flight Operation who meet agreed standards and complete the education and training program while at school may enter Asiana Airlines, according to mid to long-term pilot recruiting plans of the company.